The Dometic RM2356 is a front opening, single door, 90 litre Fridge and Freezer.

Capacity: Total 90 litre (11 litre freezer, 83 litre fridge)

Power Source: 12v/24v, 110v/240V, or LPG gas

Overall dimensions:
766 mm Height
556mm Width
577mm Depth

Weight: 32 kg

The Dometic RM2356 is an efficient upright absorption refrigerator and freezer for installing into a caravan or motorhome. With patented Universal Energy Selection (UES) it offers users both manual and automatic energy selection. This model has a single door.

The Dometic RM 2356 is a performance enhanced refrigerator designed and manufactured for life on the road in all conditions. Giving users the ultimate freedom to travel by offering three energy sources – Gas, 12 V DC and 240 V AC. The newly patented UES (Universal Energy Selection) control system is switchable from either Manuel Energy Selection (MES) or Automatic Energy Selection (AES). This function allows you to upgrade your vehicle to AES later, then simply resetting the control to suit AES as required (RM 2356 only). Doors can be hinged for either right or left opening using the handy hinge kit (included). The environmentally friendly, CFC-free door panels are replaceable to suit any décor. While the automatic flame failure safety device shuts off the fridge if the gas flame is extinguished. The door seals magnetically for easy closing and, for optimum security, is also lockable.


  • Patented UES (Universal Energy Selection) control system that is switchable between manual (MES) and automatic energy select (AES)
  • User friendly control panel featuring LED indicator lights
  • Powerful absorption refrigeration technology
  • No moving parts results in completely silent operation
  • Internal shelving can be easily arranged as needed




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