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Air Conditioning Repair and Service

Caravan, RV, camper trailer, campervan, motorhome etc

Freezetec is the best place for all your caravan air conditioning needs! We can service and repair your existing air conditioner and complete warranty work for the major air conditioning companies.

No matter the type of air conditioner on your caravan, we can help. Our qualified air conditioning technicians are able to service and repair most types of air conditioning systems.


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Need a New Air Conditioner Installed?

We can perform air conditioning replacements, or installation of a new unit onto your vehicle.

Rooftop Mounted

Roof mounting allows for maximum efficiency and use of space. An ingenious system based on nature’s own example: warm air is drawn in and cooled down, while cool air sinks down naturally.

Split System

These units can be fully built in, making an attractive, efficient long life installation. The compressor unit is installed in a hidden area, such as under a chair or the bed. The air handler is installed in a cupboard, giving convenient access to the controls and airflow. The split system can be installed in pop-top caravans, motor homes and trucks.

Underbunk Ducted

This compact unit can be installed under a bunk. This is perfect for a van that does not suit a roof mounted unit, or does not have ample cupboard space for a split system unit. An underbunk unit allows the freedom to direct airflow exactly to where it is needed. Theflexible air ducts can be installed precisely to suit individual needs.


Other Caravan repairs and service

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