Marine A/C Sea Strainers

Kova Pump and Arctic Steel Sea Strainers

Arctic Steel cast stainless steel seawater strainers are made from Electro-polished AISI 2205 quality stainless steel. Beware of inferior copies with a lower grade steel. Designed to be superior in every way with no welds to corrode because of the one piece cast body. The swirl action created by the offset outlet making it quicker to scavenge air whilst maximising the straining ability with a full height basket. The efficient lid design allows safe quick easy access for maintenance. Suitable for water cooled engines, generators, refrigeration and airconditioning pumps. KOVA pumps connect directly to Arctic Steel Strainers providing a full pump kit solution.

1. BSP thread for KOVA compatibility.
2. Solid S/S or Clear 8mm poly lid.
3. Secured by 5 cast wing nuts for a solid seal & quick access.
4. Swing down eye bolts so no loss of parts when servicing.
5. Full height high impact ABS basket.
6. Durable silicone lid seal.
7. Bonding/Anode connection point.

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