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Why does my caravan need servicing?

Just like servicing your car, it is important to carry out servicing on your caravan. Regular servicing and maintenance of your caravan will help keep you safe on the road and make life easier on your towing vehicle. Servicing is a major part of maintaining the functionality and condition of your caravan.

Regular servicing of your caravan can prevent damage further down the track. A small issue picked up early by experienced professionals can not only save you a lot of money, but also a lot of heartache and misery if you experience bigger problems a long way from home.

How often should I service my caravan?

It is recommended to service your caravan every 10,000km or before leaving on any big trip. The first caravan service on a new caravan should happen after 3 months or 1000km. The first service is a general check over to ensure everything is okay with your caravan. This is an important service as it can to identify and major issues that may be wrong and is essential to maintain your new caravan warranty.

Types of services offered

First caravan service (3 months or 1000km)

The first service is completed as per the caravan manufacturer handbook and usually includes checking of:

  • Hitch head
  • Hand brake
  • Wind downs
  • Chassis
  • Running lights
  • Bearings and brakes
  • Coupling bolts, U Bolt nuts and wheel nuts are tight
  • Tyre tread, wear and pressure
  • Rims for damage and dents
  • Window screws are tight
  • All exterior lights are working
  • Operation of cooker, refrigerator, other gas appliances
  • Security of appliances
  • Cupboards and adjust if necessary
  • Corner steadies operation
  • Suspension mounts and lubricate if needed
  • 240V and 12V tests
  • For any plumbing leaks
Standard caravan service (every 10,000km)

Regular servicing of your caravan adds to performance and safety. A brake and bearing service is recommended every 10,000km to ensure the components are within operating parameters. This should help provide trouble free travelling in your caravan. A standard caravan service usually includes:

  • Wheel bearings – remove, clean, inspect and repack
  • Drum inspected for wear
  • Brakes inspection, adjustment and replacement if needed
  • Inspect magnet face and arm
  • Hitch head and hand brakes inspected and if needed adjusted
  • Check and lubricate wind downs if necessary
  • Inspect and grease chassis and suspension where necessary
  • Shackle and coupling nipples greased if needed
  • Check running lights operation and replace if faulty
  • Tyres (tread, wear and pressure) and rims inspected and replaced if necessary. Check wheel nuts
  • Check operation of brake safe unit
  • Check chassis condition

Most caravan owners want to tour, explore and get away and enjoy Australia. FreezeTec understands the importance of slowing down, getting away, relaxing and enjoying your time away. The last thing you need is caravan problems! No matter what type of caravan or camper you have, the FreezeTec experienced team have the knowledge and skills to service it thoroughly.

Regular servicing of your caravan is vital for safety, just as your towing vehicle. Whether just returning from an extended trip or about to check your car in for a service, why not check the caravan in for a service too? Your caravan will be ready and waiting for that next adventure. Book in that pre-trip caravan service today by calling FreezeTec




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