Freezetec sells a range of pumps for use in the marine and caravan environment.

For use in a caravan or boat fresh water tank, we would recommend the range of DC self priming pressure pumps.

For a water cooled air conditioner or refrigeration system in the marine environment we would recommend the magnetic drive range of pumps. The magnetic drive pumps would also be ideal to use for generator cooling.

For vessels that require self priming to feed a water cooled air conditioner or refrigeration system, we would recommend the AC high flow magnetic drive self priming pressure pumps. This range would also be ideal for use in a deck wash system.

Kova magnetic drive pumps

Kova magnetic drive pumps are leak free quality magnetic pumps that can be used in all industries. In the marine industry they are used for pumping seawater for marine air conditioning, refrigeration condensers, chilled water circulation lines, deck wash and boost pumps for water makers. GFRPP (Glass filled reinforced polypropylene) pump heads are made for tough conditions. They will not wear or be affected by electrolysis. The KOVA Pump range is made for the tough marine environment with stainless steel head bolts.

Kova DC self priming pressure pumps (KDP 12v and 24v range)

The Kova diaphragm self-priming DC pressure pumps are a heavy duty high performance pump. You can feel the quality when you hold it in your hands. The robust made KDP-10 and KDP-17 have a 4 chamber diaphragm and all other KDP pumps are 5 chamber. A chemical resistant Viton diaphragm will deliver a smooth consistent flow rate. All pumps have a safety thermal overload with a tough polyethylene head, and stainless steel screws. Operation liquid temperature from -5C to + 60C. Industry standard “clip-in” fittings will make it easy to replace other brands with a KOVA pump.

Kova AC high flow self priming pressure pumps (KDP 110v and 240v range)

High-Flow AC self-priming pressure pumps are serious pumps for serious jobs. With an aluminium body and fan cooled motor they can be used for fresh water supply on big boats or a powerful self-priming deck wash pump. KDP AC Pumps are rated for continuous duty, so it will run all day long and they also have a “Run Dry” capability with thermal safety protection. “Splash proof” IP55 rated with a 70PSI or 4.8Bar pressure switch for a powerful on/off flow. A chemical resistant synthetic rubber diaphragm makes KDP pumps capable of pumping harsh chemicals like descaling liquids, cleaning agents, and oils.

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