Air Conditioning

Freezetec can offer a large range of marine air Conditioning systems to suit any vessel.

For most pleasure vessels we offer the Cruisair/Dometic range of DTU or larger DCU self contain marine air conditioners. They range in capacity from 6000 Btu (1.75kw) up to 27,000 Btu (8 kw).

For larger vessels they will often use Cruisair/Dometic Split type Marine Air Conditioning units. The condensing unit is normally mounted in the engine room or machinery space and the Evaporators are mounted in the areas to be conditioned. Piping and electrical will be run between the units. Cruisair/Dometic Emerald DEU Condensing unit Capacities ranges from 6000btu (1.7kw) upto 60,000btu (17.5kw). Cruisair/Dometic air handler AH-HV capacities range from 6000 btu (1.7kw) up to 24,000 btu (7kw) Also available are low profile ATL air handlers with capacities ranging from 6000 btu up to 24,000btu.

For a larger vessel and Super yacht class we can offer Tempered water systems or commonly known as Chiller systems. Cruisair/Dometic offers a large range of marine chiller systems including the VARC48 variable capacity compact chillers and the standard compact modular chillers TWCX or the MDTX and MTCGX.
All new Chillers now use Titanium heat exchangers for the ultimate resistance to electrolysis and corrosion. Capacities range from 30,000 btu (8.7kw) up to 120,000 btu (35kw). Most vessels would use between 2 – 4 chillers to offer redundancy and allows for lower starting currents which is preferred when running off shore power and less stress on generators.
There are a large range of chilled water fan coils available Cruisair/Dometic air handler AU capacities range from 6000 btu (1.7kw) up to 24,000 btu (7kw) As a further option you can choose the whisperCool DC fans . A optional electric heater can also be installed into the fan coil assembly. Also available are low profile ATL-HV air handlers with capacities ranging from 6000 btu up to 24,000btu.

When none of the above systems can meet the vessels demand for air conditioning we can then offer custom built air conditioning systems. We can offer water cooled condensing sets coupled up to ceiling cassettes or ducted fan coils. We can carry out complete marinization of standard off the shelf air cooled domestic air conditioning units to help them handle the harsh Marine environment. We can carry out certain modifications to many types of systems to help them be more suited to the marine environment. So no matter what type of vessel you have we can design a system that will suit the vessel and budget.

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