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Waeco Portable Compressor

WAECO CFX provides extreme cooling performance and energy efficiency. All five models have generous internal capacities, combined with substantial insulation thickness all round, – lid, sides and bottom.

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Waeco Upright Compressor

The WaecoCoolMatic CR series of built-in refrigerators combine timeless elegance and innovative features for extra comfort and convenience.

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Dometic Upright Absorption

A long history of unparalleled success lies behind Dometic’s absorption refrigerators. They have been the first choice in original fittings for leading motorhome manufacturers for decades now.

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Dometic Portable Absorption

Dometic Portable 3-Way Fridges are extremely versatile, tough and durable to endure all of Australia’s harsh conditions.

Vertical space for 1.5 Litre bottles. 12V, 240V and LPG Gas.

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Waeco Custom Plates and Compressor Units

For those who want or need an individual solution for their on-board cooling problem – WAECO has significantly enlarged its successful range of cooling units

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Waeco and Dometic Refrigerators

Freezetec is the preferred warranty and service agent for Dometic/Waeco.

We stock many spare parts for Dometic/Waeco brand fridges, and we can easily order in any specialty parts required.
Waeco has a number of compressor fridges to choose from. Choose from a wide range of portable or front door opening fridges. Waeco also manufactures custom plates and compressor units. Dometic makes a number of absorption upright and portable fridges.

For information on specific models, please choose a link to your left.

For more information on the differences between these fridge types, please read on:

Compressor Fridges

These are the most efficient type of fridge. They are quick to cool down, and most are able to work on either 12v battery power or 240 mains power. Compressor fridges are available in two layouts. Front door opening fridge units can be installed into the caravan/boat cabinetry, and are a permanent addition. Portable compressor fridges are top loading, and can be easily moved from inside the caravan to your car, or even to use in your home. Compressor fridges come in a variety of sizes. There are also options for Freezer only compressor fridges.

Absorption Fridges (3 Way Fridge)

These units are popular due to the fact that they can be powered in a variety of ways. They are the only type of fridge that can be powered using liquid petroleum gas (LPG). These fridges can also run off of 12v battery power, and 240v mains power. As these units do not have a compressor, the operation is very quiet. These fridges take a longer amount of time to cool down, but are very useful if you are travelling off the beaten track and are not likely to find a powered camp site. Absorption fridges are available in two layouts. Front door opening fridge units can be installed into the caravan cabinetry, and are a permanent addition to your caravan. Portable fridges are top loading, and can be easily moved from one vehicle to another.

However as with all gas appliances, if the unit is being powered by gas it should be sure to have proper ventilation. All front door opening units will have proper ventilation built behind the fridge, but a portable 3-way fridge should not be run on gas inside a confined space. This is extremely dangerous, and will eventually consume all of the oxygen within a closed space. Absorption fridges come in a variety of sizes.

Thermo-Electric (Peltier) Coolers

These units are only available as portable units. They use a peltier to cool or heat the air inside the cooler cabinet. These units will heat up to +65 degrees. These units will cool up to between 20 and 30degrees below ambient temperature. Therefore, they are not ideal in hot climates. These units cannot be used to freeze.