Luxury Cruising the Waterways relies on functioning heating and cooling Systems

One of the most mission-critical equipment on a Super Yacht is its Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems.

A common reason for failure in these areas is where ageing systems are not maintained as well as they should be.

If you are Cruising the Pacific and are 100’s of kilometres offshore, having a HVAC System failure can be potentially disastrous. A failing fridge or freezer can be equally inconvenient and costly.

Many Super Yachts are now looking for built in redundancy in custom built refrigeration plants so that if there is ever a failure, they have a backup to keep the systems operating.

Apart from ensuring your Marine Air Conditioning and Refrigeration equipment is regularly maintained, there are redundancy solutions that will prevent such a disaster from occurring in the first place.

With over 30 Years in the Industry, FreezeTec is a premium choice Service Provider for all your Superyacht Cooling and Heating equipment installation, maintenance and tech support for vessels anywhere in the world.

Our highly qualified and experienced FreezeTec Team custom build systems so that all the serviceable equipment is accessible, and parts are readily available worldwide, from the fan coil unit to the compressors.

The refrigeration equipment skids are custom built to maximise available space on each vessel and are built and finished in the highest quality materials available.

FreezeTec can offer a complete design from the ground up for any system requirements.


Reliable Failover is the Flavour of the Day when Out at Sea and far from any Port

FreezeTec can build fully redundant systems to scale, purpose and specification.

Examples of redundancies that FreezeTec incorporate into custom builds are as follows:

DUAL WOUND Refrigeration Cabinet running two condensing units. The cabinet has two separate sets of cooling pipes inside, and two separate condensing units – so if anything happens to one of them the other would continue to work.

These are running side-by-side, so that both units run with low load. If one fails, then the other unit continues to run at high load and is still able to cover the cooling requirements of the cabinet until the failed unit can be repaired.

TWIN DECK Evaporator fan cooling systems. We build in two separate condensing units that are coupled to 2 separate Evaporator Fan decks that blow cold air into a fridge or freezer cabinet. Both can run at the same time with a low load, and one has the capacity to cover the whole fridge or freezer in the event of a failure.

EVAPORATOR COMBOS – We can also build different types of evaporators into the same cabinet. For example, we can configure a eutectic tank running alongside a fan forced evaporator.

FREEZETEC has also supplied units that have backup redundancy in another form. For example, an off-engine belt driven system, with a 12v system backup.

We can also provide a single system with multi voltage redundancy (one unit that can run off 240v, 110v, inverter, shore power, generator etc – in case of a power failure from one power source).

Whatever the design specifications, FreezeTec has the expertise to design and build the most cost-effective and efficient marine systems with reliability, longevity and serviceability as key considerations for your Superyachts.

FREEZETEC is very well positioned and fully equipped to design, build, install and maintain marine air conditioning and refrigeration systems to locally built and docked vessels in Brisbane and all of Gold Coast ports, including Coomera and Southport.