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New LCC27 fittings rolling out in australia

You may have heard that LPG cylinders will be coming out soon with a different fitting called a LCC27. Your current gas bottles most likely use a Type 21 or POL Connection.

The new LCC27 fittings have improved safety features, including an easy-to-use right hand threaded external ACME connection, and a back check valve that must be engaged by having a positive connection to the appliance hose before gas can flow. The LCC27 appliance connection also has a thermal cut-out.

Pol vs Lcc Connector lcc

Do I need an adaptor?

From April 2021 gas bottles with the new LCC27 valves will be rolled out. You will find them in exchange cages and stores in the coming months. These bottles are backwards compatible to appliances with POL connections – so you do not need an adaptor. You will not need to change anything to use these new gas bottles with your current appliances. Over the next 10 years the LCC27 will take over from the POL connections across the board. Leisure LPG cylinders have a 10-year test cycle, so by 2031 they should be the main bottles in use.

In the coming years new appliances will be released with a LCC27 appliance connection as standard. At that point you will need to change your gas bottles over to the LCC27 version, as these connections will need to match.

POL Connections still standard

Your current POL connection gas bottles and appliances are still safe and reliable for use, so do not worry if you cannot see a new LCC27 connection on your next cylinder swap. You will only need to make sure you have a new version bottle when you purchase an appliance with the new LCC27 appliance connection. Have a look at your appliance connection, so you can match the cylinder on your next swap!



LCC27 stands for Leisure Cylinder Connection Type 27. These, and the POL connections will be used for 3.7kg and 8.5kg LPG leisure cylinders. These can be found connected to a backyard bbq, and in your caravan. Larger LPG cylinders including those typically used for domestic home connections will not be affected by the change.

For further information, and for links to the Australian Standards updated in relation to these LPG connection changes, please check out: Gasenergyaustralia.asn.au

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