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Caravan Gas Certificates and Roadworthy Certificates

Caravan Gas & Roadworthy Certificates

When do I require a Gas Certificate for my caravan?

You will require a caravan gas certificate when:

  • Purchasing a caravan that has never been registered
  • Transferring the caravan registration when moving from another state or territory
  • The caravan registration has expired more than 3 months before
  • When buying or selling a caravan

Note: a caravan gas certificate is only required if the unit is fitted with mounted or fixed gas lines, appliances or regulator.


How long is a caravan gas certificate valid for?

A caravan gas certificate is valid for 3 months. Note the gas certificate is a one use document, which means it can only be used once when processing with Queensland Department of Transport.

What if my caravan does not pass the inspection first time?

FreezeTec have a great team of highly qualified gas technicians and most of the time they can complete any necessary repairs at the time of inspection to get your caravan compliant. Cost of repairs will be in addition to the inspection cost.

Queensland Department of Transport allow 14 days from the first inspection to have any defects repaired. Once this work is completed FreezeTec can complete a second inspection (at additional cost).

Benefits of obtaining a caravan gas certificate

A gas certificate is required by law, but it also has additional benefits:

  • It can increase the quantity of potential buyers for your caravan
  • Allows safe and legal operation of your caravan on Australian roads
  • It is necessary when transferring the caravan into another party’s name
  • Offers peace of mind that your caravan gas is in optimal condition
A gas compliance inspection will look at:
  • Hot water
  • Fridge
  • Cooker
  • Space heater
  • Bayonet
  • Anode replacement
  • Fitment of gas test point
  • Two stage regulator with over pressure protection (OPP)
  • Regulator running pressure
  • Appliance ventilation
  • Gas tightness
  • Secured gas lines
  • Secured gas bottles
  • Warning labels
  • Storage of gas bottles
  • Gas regulator
To pass a gas compliance inspection you will need:
  • A two-stage regulator with over pressure protection (OPP)
  • Gas fitter plate or a gas compliance plate
  • Test point
  • Australian certified appliances
  • Compliance to Australian standards AS5601
  • Gas bottle within date (10 year expiry)

Note: older caravans may require a test point, new regulator and flex line to pass

When do I require a Roadworthy Certificate (Safety Certificate) for my caravan?

A roadworthy certificate or safety certificate is legally required for caravans with a fully loaded weight (ATM) over 750kg and less than 3500kg when ownership is being transferred. It is the sellers responsibility to provide this certificate when listing the caravan for sale.

Requirements to obtain a caravan roadworthy certificate (safety certificate)
  • If registered, you need the registration certificate or renewal document
  • Level ground, preferably a hard surface to perform the caravan inspection
  • Minimum of 50cm access around the caravan exterior
  • All lights must be operational – clearance, marker, indicator, tail, brake and number plate lights
  • No cracks or fading in light lenses, no water inside lens or light
  • Reflectors fitted to front, rear and sides of caravan
  • The caravan body is secured to the chassis correctly
  • The floor and walls of the caravan are from timber rot
  • The frame and chassis are free from structural impairing rust
  • Safety chains are correctly rated and secured to caravan frame
  • Correct rated coupling is secured to caravan frame
  • Correct load rated rims and tyres for fully loaded weight aggregate trailer mass (ATM) inflated and with sufficient tread (more than 3mm across whole tyre). Spare tyres also checked
  • No cracks in the side wall or tread pattern on tyres
  • Brakes in safe working order, pads/shoes have minimum 1mm left
  • No excessive side to side play and bearing tension within tolerance
  • Chassis number (<1988 manufacture) or compliance plate with VIN (1988> manufacture)
  • Handbrake operation, suspension, shock absorbers
  • D shackles, hitch and coupling, jockey wheel
  • For caravans 2001-3500kg gross trailer mass (GTM)
    • All wheels have brakes
    • Brake Safe (brake away system) fitted to caravan which causes all brakes to actuate when switch is tripped
    • Minimum of two load rated safety chains, that are equal to or greater than the aggregate trailer mass (ATM)
How long is a caravan roadworthy certificate (safety certificate) valid for?

The roadworthy certificate on a caravan is valid for 2 months for a private seller or 1 month for a dealer.

At FreezeTec we understand the importance of ensuring the safety of your caravan, camper trailer or RV. We are passionate about safety on the road. We want you, your loved ones and other road users safe.

If you are looking to sell, buy or register your caravan, camper or RV and need gas compliance and a safety certificate then get in touch with our family business today. With over 30 years experience, you can be sure your home away from home is in safe hands with FreezeTec.

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