New Australian Legislation for Superyacht activity on our shores.

With the passing of the Special Recreational Vessel Bill in December 2019 by the Australian government, navigating the maritime waters of the region will be much easier for foreign-owned superyachts. The legislation will reverse restrictions that have been in place that have prevented foreign charter superyachts to enter Australian waters.

The CEO of Superyacht Australia, David Good, commends the Morrison Government for acting swiftly on this matter. The Bill had been introduced and read a first time by the Parliament of Australia on November 27, 2019. Good says the fast action is timely considering the number of “huge events” scheduled to take place in the Pacific in the next year or so. They include the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the 2021 America’s Cup.

Good figures that these two events alone will attract over 160 superyachts. “Our region is on the radar for superyacht owners,” Good adds. He says attractants such as the world-class service facilities offered in Australia and the incredible cruising grounds act as magnets to superyachts owners.

Special Recreational Vessel Bill set to Create 12,000 new Jobs!

Tourism Australia has been in partnership with Superyacht Australia working to ensure that these factors are target marketed to the potential charter clients.

The Special Recreational Vessel Bill stands to create about 12,000 new jobs and contribute over $1.64-billion to the Australian economy by 2021.

This means that the new legislation will allow Australia to “catch up” on the booming superyacht economies currently growing in nearby New Zealand, Tahiti and Fiji.


Good also points to the fact that there are also another 14,000 jobs that will be supported. These jobs are connected to the yacht maintenance industry. This includes companies and businesses that focus on refits and repairs by skilled tradesmen such as Freezetec based in Queensland. Freezetec has been supplying and servicing marine and recreational refrigeration and air conditioning since 1989 and are geared up for the influx of superyachts to come to the region.

The Superyacht Australia CEO points out that the majority of jobs that the Bill will create will be in the refit and repair industry. To that end, the refit facilities have “invested over $100-million” to increase their on-site capabilities to meet the expected demand.

What the Bill will do for Australia is triple the activity in the superyacht industry virtually overnight. With double the number of vessels appearing and length of stays increasing as a result, the tourism industry is going to see a great deal of growth.

For example, by marketing Australia as being a year-round destination, now accepting superyacht activity, high-value travelers will start to look to the region as a viable holiday option. Not only because of the many attractions that bring most tourists to Australia but now it will welcome those who can stay on board their vessels and enjoy the luxury they are accustomed to on their superyacht.

The push to permit foreign-owned superyachts access to Australian waters is not a new concept. Work on this has involved members of the superyacht industry, tourism, business, and even some politicians. To celebrate, Superyacht Australia is hosting a Grand Soiree on February 22 in Sydney Harbour at the Jones Bay Wharf. It will cap the 20-year effort to bring foreign superyachts back to Australia.

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