How to make a caravan more comfortable brisbane

How to Make Your Caravan More Comfortable

Caravanning is a great way to get out of the city and enjoy nature. But what if you’re looking for other ways to make your caravan, RV, motorhome, campervan or converted van more comfortable? This blog will provide you with some ideas and suggestions that may seem small but in fact can have a large impact on the comfort of your caravan and the enjoyment you have on your caravan holiday. 

In some cases making your caravan more comfortable will be about adding new features. In other cases, it will be about getting those caravan repairs you may have been putting off. If you need caravan repairs in and around Brisbane then contact us. Otherwise, read on for our four tips.

Fly Screens 

Caravanning is fun, but caravanning with midges, mozzies and gnats is not, thus fly screens are a must have for caravans.  There are quite a few options in terms of fly screens, you can make them yourself, you purchase magnetic fly screens made to fit your windows, and you can even buy fly screens for your caravan from eBay.  Also, don’t forget about the caravan door, you can in fact purchase self closing fly screens for your caravan door. 

Adding fly screens may seem a small way to increase the comfort of your caravan, but in fact they have a big impact.  Fly screens will increase your enjoyment of your caravan holiday not only by preventing insect bites but also by still allowing you to enjoy a breeze, see the view and hear nature’s sounds. 

magnetic flyscreen

Additional Storage Space 

Space is always a premium in a caravan and that includes having sufficient storage space.  Creating more storage space in a caravan can be a challenge, but with a good imagination and a set of tools (or a handyman with a set of tools) you may be surprised at what you can achieve.  Under seat and under bed storage offers a lot of otherwise unused space. Cupboards and shelving can be used throughout your caravan to store the items that need to be accessible. Get more storage inspiration from stores like Howards Storage World, Bunnings or Ikea, or you could spend some time on the net to see what solutions other caravaners have come up with.  

underbed storage

Your Own Outdoor Shower 

A built in shower in a caravan is in our opinion the height of luxury.  For many caravaners this is but a dream, however, you can still have your own shower (and a warm one at that) without having to have a built in shower. 

In fact, an outdoor camping shower can be very cheap and easy – you can even buy one from Kmart.  They have a super cheap (under $20) camping shower which is just a 40 litre black PVC bag with flexible hose and hanging hook that you place in the sun to heat.  Once the water is warm, all you need to hang it (possibly in a tree) and turn the tap on! 

If you are looking for more creature comforts, there are lots of improvements in terms of portable camping showers including a portable shower stand and a portable shower screen for privacy.  There are also many different makes and models and as is usually the case, the more you pay, the more you get in terms of quality and features. 

outdoor shower

Treat Yourself 

When it comes to bedding, treat yourself to the most comfortable bedding that you can afford and that works with your caravan bed – or have them custom made.  Top quality bedding usually assists in a good night sleep which is the ideal end to a day of travelling and fun. If the mattress itself is not comfortable, then that is one item you want to replace ASAP so that you do get a good nights sleep on your caravan vacation.

Tip Top Condition 

Make sure before you hit the road that everything in your caravan is in tip top condition and fully functional.  If you live in Brisbane, Freezetec caravan repair service can fix just about anything to with caravans, they also provide a pre-trip check and service that you might want to consider as well.