YES – Caravan and RV holidays are becoming more popular. This growth trend is also going to see a greater demand not only in the sales of caravans and RVs but also in the caravan and RV repair market. 

This is due to a number of reasons …

Are caravans more popular now for holidays

Grey Nomads – the baby boomers are retiring and travelling.

The definition of a grey nomad is “a retired person who spends their time travelling, typically in a caravan or motorhome”, and a baby boomer is “a person born in the years following the Second World War (1946-1964) during the post war baby boom”.

The baby boomer generation are reaching retirement age and are Australia’s “grey nomads” travelling the country for months at a time.  The boomers age is increasing, those born between 1946-64 are now 57-75 years old and starting or already enjoying their retirement years. Travelling across Australia in a caravan or RV is very popular within this age group.  As the number of baby boomers are moving into retirement age, so too is the number of Grey Nomads holidaying in their caravans or RVs traversing across Australia. 

The ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) has advised the average retirement age for people aged 45+ years is currently 55.4 years old (the retirement age has decreased since previous statistics). There are 3.9 million current retirees with another half a million expected to retire within 5 years. 55% of people aged 55+ years are retired (this has increased from previous statistics). So basically people are retiring at an earlier age than before and there are more people in the retirement age group now. Many of those are from the baby boomer generation and aged between 57-75 years old.

Sales of Caravans and RVs are increasing (even before Covid-19)

The strong increase in sales of caravans and RVs over the last 10+ years also demonstrates that caravan and RV holidays are becoming increasingly important. The Caravan Industry Association of Australia posted the following information about registrations of caravans and RVs with comparisons to previous years. As you can see there has been a steady growth over many years, even before Covid-19 reared its ugly face.

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia posted the report for State of the Industry 2019  This report showed the caravan industry in Australia had a record year for 2018, domestic camping and caravan trips exceeded 12.8 over night trips & 53.5 million nights, that’s a 7.1% & 3% increase from the prior year 2017; the total recreational vehicle registrations also increased by 5.0% to 679,393; record number of units manufactured – 23,070 recreational vehicles produced in the previous year.

In the report State of the Industry 2020 pre-covid figures continued to grow – in 2019 58.7 million nights were spent camping and caravanning around Australia increase of 11% from 2018, making it another record year. 13.9 million domestic visitors went camping and caravanning during 2019 increase of 9.9% from 2018 another record! Using any measure, camping and caravanning holidays are the largest and most popular domestic tourism sector within Australia.

caravan stats

The impact of Covid-19 – decline in international travel, increase in  domestic travel 

To protect Australian citizens from the Covid-19 pandemic, the Australian Government closed the Australian Border from 20 March 2020.  The borders remain closed and international travel from Australia remains strictly controlled to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. International travel from Australia is only available if you are exempt or you have been granted an individual exemption. [Australian Government]

With borders closed there are very few flights in and out of Australia.  There is a cap on return travellers, you will need an exemption and will also have to hotel quarantine on your return for 14 days. Some of the statistics showing the impact of Covid-19 on international travel:

  • July 2019 international passenger traffic 3,736,000
  • July 2020 international passenger traffic 73,851
  • July 2021 international passenger traffic 154,692 (mainly due to Trans-Tasman bubble re-introduced in April 2021)

Not being able to fly internationally or cruise for holidays, many Australians have turned to holidaying domestically instead. states the tourism figures show that Australian domestic travel during Covid-19 surged before the second wave hit.  The number of people travelling within Australia almost doubled in June before the second wave struck. Tourism Research Australia’s figures show there were 5.4 million domestic visitors in June, which was up from 3 million in May. Australians are wanting to travel domestically when it is safe and they are permitted to cross borders.  Lockdowns and ongoing state border restrictions are impacting travel between states currently with the outbreaks in New South Wales and Victoria.

Impact of Covid-19 – Caravan and RV Holidays are increasing in demand

The increase in holidaying domestically has seen more Australians staying in hotels, apartments and Airbnb in popular holiday destinations.  It has also seen an increase in Australians choosing to hire or buy caravans or RVs which has increased this type of holiday as well. 

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia has predicted that a record 25,000 units will be constructed during the next 12 months, and local production is set to soar to a 30 year high. Many suppliers have a 12+ month waitlist for new caravans and RVs.

Lockdowns are generating more caravan and RV holidays 

The increase in lockdowns has also likely generated an increase in caravan or RV holidays as Australian holiday makers choose to holiday within their state or known lockdown area and have the facility to return home should a lockdown occur.  This type of travel will not be as impacted with loss of payments for flights and accommodation and the possibility of hotel quarantine on their return. There is more flexibility as to where they can travel and holiday within the limitations and restrictions that have been created by Covid-19 and the constant changing government travel restrictions. 

Growth in the caravan and RV market

In summary, holidays in caravans and RVs is a current growth trend in Australia and it is highly likely that even without Covid-19 this will continue to increase. 

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