Marine Air Conditioning – Commercial and Passenger Ferries

Freezetec custom manufactures commercial marine air conditioning systems for vessels with special requirements such as passenger ferries and government vessels. A variety of styles are available depending on your individual requirements.

In order to provide an accurate estimate of the best type of air conditioning unit to suit your needs, please provide: The vessel general arrangement plan. Various specific information such as areas to be cooled, spaces available for install, etc. Geographical location of vessel. Vessel’s electrical supply.

Some commercial air conditioning styles we offer:

  • MDV Digital Scroll air cooled condensing sets.
    • Ideal where capacity control is required. Separate temperature control ability between different air handlers (rooms) on the same condensing set.
    • Multiple air handlers from the same condensing set.
    • Condensing Units must be installed outside
    • Wall mounted central controller and remote controls available.
    • Cassette, ducted and wall mount air handlers available.
  • AquaCool custom fixed speed water cooled condensing sets.
    • Ideal for a large common area such as a passenger ferry type applications where capacity control between air handlers is not required.
    • Multiple air handlers from the same condensing set.
    • Save space by having condensing set below deck, rather than taking up valuable space outside.
    • Wall mounted central controller and remote controls available.
    • Cassette, ducted and wall mount air handlers available.

Note about Inverter type air conditioning systems:
2014 saw the reduction of many air conditioning components to fulfill the MEPS requirements for air conditioning equipment used in the domestic/residential market. Some of the residential equipment that had been used with reasonable success in the marine industry was unable to meet the new MEPS energy requirements.

It has since been replaced with more energy conscious inverter driven systems. These new inverter systems promised clear energy usage advantages when operated from the large national electricity grid, but proved to be extremely unreliable when powered by ships generators.

Further research of the inverter driven equipment, has determined that this equipment is not suitable for marine use to be driven by on board ships generators. The complicated inverter electronics is susceptible to voltage variation and various frequency and octave noise generated by off grid generators such as those used in the marine industry.

The inverter driver boards are extremely expensive to replace and virtually all manufacturers of inverter driven air conditioning systems will not provide any warranty whatsoever if their system is powered by an off grid electrical supply.

This problem was to initiate the search for more suitable air conditioning equipment and more intelligent design. When no particular capacity control is required, our fixed speed scroll compressors were up to the task and when more difficult capacity control was required, the Copeland designed Digital Scroll is the answer.

The digital scroll systems to date have only been available in air cooled versions which when corrosion coated in conjunction with a well designed maintenance program, are capable of long term efficient operation but must remain outside and often take up valuable passenger space.  Water cooled versions are currently under test & development and will be made available by Freezetec as soon as the exhaustive tests have been completed.