Nova Kool AC/DC Refrigerators & Freezers

Freezetec is the preferred warranty and service agent for Nova Kool.

We stock many spare parts for Nova Kool brand fridges, and we can easily order in any specialty parts required.

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Nova Kool manufactures more than 20 quality refrigeration products for mobile and off-power grid applications such as Marine, RV and Trucking. Nova Kool products include DC and AC/DC models of refrigerators and freezers in single door, two door, side by side and upright configurations. Sizes range from under 1.5 to over 9 cubic feet.

For help in choosing the best fridge for your needs, please contact Freezetec.

For spec sheets and more information on Nova Koolfront door opening fridge models: Click here to look at our Nova Kool line up of fridges, freezers and conversion kits.

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