Which is a better fit for you when it comes to caravan heating?

While Reverse cycle heating units (A/C) work well when the ambient conditions are above 5C, they do not operate to provide heating if the ambient temperature falls below 5C.

A correctly designed caravan gas heater or caravan diesel heater offers the ultimate in vehicle heating.

Is your Caravan an off-road van or an on-road van?

We believe one way to make your decision on which type of caravan heating is for you is quite simple.

If you have an on road-van, a Gas Heater would be more suited and is the cheaper option.

If you have an off-road van and carry spare diesel already, then it would be a Diesel Heater.

For motorhome heating you use a Diesel Heater for two reasons:

1. You can tap into your existing fuel tank;
2. A gas heater is very difficult to find a legal location to mount.


Factors to consider when choosing between a gas heater and a diesel heater for your caravan or RV:

1. What temperatures will you be travelling in?
2. What is the size of your vehicle?
3. Available space for installation
5. Availability of fuel sources- do you already have a diesel fuel tank or gas bottles installed and if so, what size is available? Will this be enough to sustain your required usage?
6. What appliances are already installed in your van? Will the heater you choose place a strain on your existing fuel source?
7. Do not forget to factor in the cost of installation of the unit into your vehicle.

What’s the best brand of Caravan Gas or Diesel Heater?

There are a number of brands available on the market and Freezetec recommend the Truma Vario Gas Heater and the Eberspacher Diesel Heater as having proven performance and reliability for peace of mind for many years of use.

Eberspacher has been a leading brand in diesel heating for many years with D2 and D4 models available depending on your required power.

While Diesel heaters will be slightly louder than their gas counterparts, most noise can be minimised when selecting quality units and ensuring they are mounted correctly.

The VarioHeat features greater gas heating power and temperature control than ever before, with the option of two heating output levels (1.3kW or 2.8kW) as well as Boost and Night mode functions. It is simple to operate with the included digital CP Plus control panel allowing you to easily select your desired options

Caravan Gas Heater

LP gas heaters draw in air from an external intake pipe for the internal combustion process, where it is mixed with LP gas. This process ignites the gas and heats up the large surface area of the heat exchanger.


  • Most caravans already have gas appliances so adding a gas heater is relatively straightforward.
  • Purchase cost lower than a diesel heater
  • A reliable and quiet form of heating
  • Uses less power than a diesel heater
  • Gas is readily available
  • Cheaper unit than diesel heaters


  • A number of regulatory requirements apply for installation: a gas heater flue cannot be installed too close to a window, door or other gas appliance inlet or outlet, or under an enclosed annex – the same applies for a mobile heater
  • A licensed gas fitter is required to connect the gas heater and provide a compliance certificate
  • In temperatures of two degrees and under, the heater will not function as the butane in the gas bottle will not vaporise properly